Four Takeaways We Can All Learn from Beijing Design Week


There’s no substitute for good design, so goes the maxim. That’s why Beijing Design Week (BJDW) is all set this Friday, September 26 and will last until October 3. For a full week and beyond, design will saturate the consciousness of everyone, newbies and old-timers alike.


As in the previous years, Beijing Design Week is a showcase of design concepts and philosophies, whether that be in furniture, textiles, architecture, metalsmithing, installations, various everyday products, and even everyday spaces such as the alleys of Dashilar. This year more some thirty countries will be participating in the exhibit, which will also feature for the first time a film festival and the China Design Challenge (a product design contest for up-and-coming designers.)

Indeed China is in a great position to engage the whole world in design. Its robust economy and aggressive manufacturing sector make almost anything possible. And yet design can only go so far. China is still grappling with …

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What You Can Do After the Climate Change March in New York

The largest climate change march in history happens this Sunday, September 21 in New York, a prelude to the UN Climate Summit 2014 which is set two days later.

While world leaders convene and discuss amongst themselves, people from all walks of life gather as well, united by a single and very critical cause. Take note, the march isn’t confined to New York alone. All over the world, other countries are holding their own march and other related events—this is a global affair after all.

© Ellie Ohiso

One of the poster design entries for the Climate Change March in NYC
© Ellie Ohiso


The climate change march may be our one big consolidated effort to show our support and voice our concerns. The march …

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Green Data Centers in LEED v4

This week the Grainger Lake Forest Data Center in Illinois achieved Gold certification in LEED v4 BD+C (Building Design + Construction).  It’s the first ever facility to do so, particularly under the new Data Center sector of LEED v4 launched almost two years ago.

Apple prides itself on its green data centers.

Apple prides itself on its green data centers.

Sustainability of data centers is relevant now, especially in this age of Big Data.  We’re generating and consuming more data than ever before

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Streamlined Review Process for LEED Projects & Animal-Friendly Organs-on-a-Chip

In today’s post, we feature the LEED Proven Provider for a more streamlined review process of LEED projects, and also report on the organs-on-a-chip development for drug testing sans the cruelty to animals.

* * *

A More Streamlined Review Process for LEED

The days of complicated review processes for LEED projects are over. 

Newly launched by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the LEED Proven Provider hopes to streamline the project review by removing unnecessary work in the process. GBCI is the third-party certification body for LEED.

leed certification checklist

Says Doug Gatlin, VP of program delivery, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and GBCI.


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August Green News Roundup: From New Use for Cigarette Butts to Melting Iceberg as a Temporary Home

We look back at our favorite green news the whole month of August—from new life for cigarette butts to one man’s attempt to make an iceberg his melting, fleeting home.


In the Name of Climate Change, One Man Will Live Atop an Iceberg for a Full Year

Alex Bellini with his prospect temporary iceberg-home in the background.

Alex Bellini with his prospect temporary iceberg-home in the background.

The innocent polar bear, scrambling onto a slowly melting iceberg, has often been a favourite poster child for climate change. But now at least one person is out to demonstrate just what it’s like to be in a similar plight.

Come spring of 2015, Professional adventurer Alex Bellini will live on a melting, drifting iceberg off the coast of Greenland for a full year. He will be subsisting on 600 kilos of dried food while there, enduring extreme cold and loneliness, until the iceberg melts and forces him out, all in the hopes of raising consciousness regarding climate change.

Over the decades, climate change has dramatically caused rising …

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