Why LEED v4 Is Good for Green Hotels

Back when BEE was still working on naked Stables, it was still LEED 2009.  Targeting a LEED platinum certification, the resort merged 5-star luxury hospitality with pure honest-to-goodness sustainability.

It wasn’t until 2013, with the launch of LEED v4, that the hospitality sector (among other new markets such as data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, schools) would have its own distinct set of green building standards.  And since then, hotels have had a new humbling goal to aspire to, to set themselves apart from the competition.  Luxury hotels that gracefully include sustainability in their bottom line mean serious business especially for eco-conscious clients.

Set amid lush forests, the peaceful retreat that is naked Stables.

Set amid lush forests, the peaceful retreat that is naked Stables.

LEED v4’s Impact on Green Hotels

Thanks to LEED, USGBC’s

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Q&A at the Workplace: Of Stairs, Bleach, and Cafeteria Food


In this edition, three office employees confide to us their biggest gripes in the workplace.  One of them can’t use the stairs, one can’t make it out of the office bathroom alive, and one simply wants to eat her quinoa in peace.


You Say Elevator, I Say Stairs

Stairs win hands down.

Stairs win hands down.

Help, my building prohibits me from using the stairs.  I was told by the security personnel that they’re for emergency use only, and there’s the elevator anyway.  I’m a new hire, and want to stay long at this job, but how do I complain to my boss without sounding like I’m too fussy or overacting?



Relax, you’re neither overacting nor being fussy.  It’s fine to admit that your life and sanity depend on taking the stairs.  Elevators are so boring!  Maybe the security guards just don’t want you losing your breath as you trudge your way up to the 23rd floor, so they’re suggesting the elevators instead.  But if you can manage the steps and still look graceful and …

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LEED Earth Campaign:  Spreading Green Building Everywhere


New entrants to the LEED market are always welcome. Green building isn’t a luxury just for rich nations; it’s for everyone who cares about the environment.

Year in and year out, we keep seeing the same countries—the United States, Canada, China, India, and Brazil, for instance—consistently ranking in the top ten list for LEED market.  China, currently the world’s second largest market for LEED, has a total of 118.34 million GSM of LEED-certified and –registered space, with over 2,000 LEED projects.

Mexico joins the LEED party with its first ever LEED v4 Platinum Building

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LEED’s Top Ten in Green Building for 2015

This year’s top ten countries for LEED was recently announced.

More than just a friendly race among nations keen on the most prestigious green building standard in the world, it’s all about an increased awareness and appreciation of its awesome benefits to the environment and the economy.  You see, carelessly built buildings still contribute up to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, so every bit of planning and design is needed.

LEED top ten countries for green building

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