Shanghai Green Building Subsidies

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By Olivia Lu-Hill and Jade Chen

China has been in the spotlight lately for its exponentially growing number of green buildings. The government has even created their own green building system, the China Green Building Label (GBL – commonly referred to as “China Three Star”), to run concurrently with the widely recognized American system, LEED. Recently, the Chinese government has taken their support for green buildings a step further by giving government subsidies to support building green. At BEE inc. we specialize in consulting on both LEED and GBL and have firsthand experience of the development of both in China. In this article we will discuss some of the subsidies the government has for building green.

ChinagovernmentlogoIn May 2012, the Ministry of Finance (财政部) and the Housing Department (住建部) announced that they will be giving subsidies specifically to support the development of China Green Building Label certified buildings with a rating of Two Stars and above. There will be a 45 RMB/m2 financial subsidy for Two Star buildings and 80 RMB/m2 subsidy for Three Star buildings – for more info on the general GBL subsidies click here. They also announced several goals for the expansion of green building development. By 2020 China aims to have green buildings comprise at least 30% of new buildings constructed from 2012. By 2014 newly constructed government low-income housing must be China Green Building Label certified. By 2015 the government plans to have over 1 billion square meters of new building construction area. To know more about the overall goals for China green buildings click here.

Shanghai has been leading the way in promoting green buildings and specifically energy management. Energy management is a very critical aspect of green buildings because much of a building’s environmental footprint comes from the energy used during its operation. In September 2012, Shanghai published a new green building energy saving policy, “Shanghai City Building Energy Saving Projects Special Support Measures” (“上海市建筑节能项目专项扶持办法”) which discusses ways that the government will provide energy monitoring and management to building projects.

The Shanghai government will additionally be providing their own subsidies to promote different specific green building characteristics related to energy saving.  For these subsidies, the Shanghai government will be investing up to 10 million RMB per project, marking the first time such a large amount has been invested in green buildings in China. Subsidies will be awarded to buildings with green features in several different categories including, China Green Building Label certified, pre-fabricated buildings, window and shading renovation, on-site renewable energy and vegetated roofs and walls. For the original government source, click here.

1)   China Green Building Label Certified Projects

China Green Building Label is a green building evaluation system created by the Chinese government and used throughout China. The categories for evaluation of the Green Building Label certification are divided into six sections, land saving and ambient environment, energy saving and energy utilization, water saving and water resource utilization, material saving …

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