Green Materials Trading

BEE's field of expertise is in sustainable materials procurement that can be done in parallel with LEED® requirements. Broadly defined these materials can be:

  • Exterior structural components (e.g. curtain wall, rammed earth, SIP, etc.)
  • Interior decorative (e.g. furniture, carpet systems, flooring, etc.)
  • Electrical systems (e.g. LED lighting, thermal/lighting controls, motion sensors, etc.)
  • Water systems (e.g. low-flow fixtures, vacuum sewage treatment, drip irrigation, etc.)
  • Energy systems (e.g. solar-water heaters, ground-source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, etc.)


Our services include:

  • Consultation for selection of optimal green building materials
  • Conduct due diligence on manufacturing facilities
  • Perform quality control checks on individual products
  • Present quality certifications including those required by LEED®
  • Logistics


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