Health & Wellness Solutions
  • Develop strategies to promote occupant comfort & well-being
  • Optimize indoor environmental quality (air, light, water, sound)
  • WELL Building Standard & RESET air quality certification
Building Simulation Services
  • Energy Modeling
  • Thermal Analysis (CFD)
  • Light Analysis & Daylight Simulations
  • Acoustical Analysis
Green Building Certification Consulting
  • LEED, HK BEAM, China 3-Star, and Living Building Challenge (LBC)
  • Complete Certification Service – Strategy, Analysis, Management, Documentation, Submission, and Certification
  • Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning Services
Green Materials Solutions & Trading
  • Identify & procure optimal green building materials
  • Cloud-based materials management solutions for projects worldwide
  • Manufacturer due diligence
  • Quality control & logistics

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We are engineering consultants and materials specialists focusing on sustainability for the built environment.

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