BEE was born out of the realization that a large knowledge gap exists between engineering and design teams introducing sustainable solutions and the construction teams in charge of bringing these solutions to life.

In the implementation process, sustainable goals of a project often get lost.

At BEE we aim to bring together the design and engineering know-how with construction expertise and materials specialization to provide the missing link that enables a project to truly achieve it's sustainability goals. Our trading and consulting departments work together to achieve this.

Our trading department identifies the most optimal building component solutions tailor made for a specific project. Specializing in green construction materials we locate a supplier for the specified products, conduct a full manufacturer evaluation and product quality control, and source the materials on time and within given budgets.

Our consulting services are divided as follows:

  • LEED® certification: our team will execute all, or part of, the work necessary to carry out a LEED® project under any of the certification systems - including project application, credit documentation, energy calculations, and final submission. We also place a strong focus on training our client's whole team, especially the general contractor on the project's sustainability goals to ensure that no knowledge gaps exist within the project team.
  • Corporate services: we offer sustainability planning and marketing strategies to either improve the impact of our client's current operations or to promote their achievements.